Pages: 32

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Valiant’s biggest cross over continues and it packs one heck of a punch that will leave you stunned.

Firstly, do yourself a favour and read X-O Manowar #19, as Unity #2 follows the events that occur with X-O Manowar as well. The Russians plan to nuke Aric in the hopes that he will die and Romania would be freed from Aric’s control. Harada is adamant on preventing a nuclear war. He is also facing the task of assisting Ninjak, who is being held captive by the man with the X-O armour. After Harada’s first attempt at facing Aric fails miserably, he decides to form a new team. One which he will head personally as he attempts a seek and destroy mission.

What follows is some of the most amazing and gore filled action scenes that Valiant has offered in a while. You will once again get to see why people fear Harada; he is a powerful Psiot that splats people with his mind and this can be witnessed on quite a few pages in this issue. Matt Kindt offers us great characterization and writing once again. Livewire is a great new addition to Harada’s team, the reader gets a peek into what she is about and believes in. She makes one heck of a difference to Harada’s new team. But will they be able to combat Aric, a man that has almost made himself a God?

Braithwaite’s art is amazing in this issue. It is kept sketchy and high detailed. The level of detail really contributes to the power of the punch that this issue packs. The art really captures the insanity of the action scenes as well. The gore is also detailed with eyeballs popping as Harada squishes opposition. Majority of the book is dark in colour with the lighter colours being used during scenes in which the characters use their powers. Action scenes also flow well and the movement of characters feels natural, you will find your eyes moving swiftly as your mind absorbs the awesomeness of this issue.

Matt Kindt once again shows us why Unity is being built up as one of Valiant’s greatest offering. Unity #2 is the perfect blend of exceptional writing teamed up with talented artwork. The greatest thing about Unity is that you have no idea what comes next. This is definitely one of the most promising titles out on offer this year. If you want to experience something new grab a copy of Unity #2 right away! You will not see the conclusion to this issue coming!

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