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Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

In order to gain trust, the team that is Unity have cast aside their aliases and made their identities known. This leads to the rise of a rival team, The United, a band of superheroes who are not so keen on the Unity team. It is eliminate or be eliminated in this team vs team issue.


The story does a great job of bringing readers up to speed as Livewire reports on all the events that the Unity team have been involved in up until this issue, it is in this interview that Livewire mentions a press conference between Unity team members and the people. Not all team members are too thrilled about making their identities known as it might place a big bull’s-eye on their backs and the fact that Aric is not around means that the team will be getting a new member. From all of the options on display, a hero with popularity in both England and America is chosen; the only problem is that she is not as popular as she thought when it comes to her new colleagues.

Whilst the Unity team is being restructured a new band of super-powered individuals is being brought together. Members of The United, who seem to be led by the myth, are being recruited and they are preparing to clash with the Valiant universe’s first super hero team. This issue is setting up the story so do not expect to see them clash in this one. Although the awesome clash on the cover is enough reason to grab a copy.

The art is highly detailed and consistent; the colours work well with the issue as it creates a fairly neutral tone allowing for the story to develop naturally. The level of detail placed into each character is simply amazing. Aside from The Myth, everyone else’s facial expressions are easy to follow and understand, but some characters just steal the attention. Ultimorte sports some great detail and he really adds that old school feel to an already great looking cover.

Will Unity survive the inclusion of their new teammate, that will definitely bring a new dynamic to the party; or will The United stand tall and eliminate the targets in their crosshairs? When it comes to a situation like this, you gotta have Faith.

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