Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

The King needs to be killed and Toyo Harada will be glad to help. The X-O Armour has become a global threat and it is time for the world’s most dangerous man to become its greatest ally.

We all know that Toyo cannot be trusted. The most powerful Psiot in existence has decided to make it his mission to reclaim Romania from Aric. Whilst the world believes that Harada is uniting this deadly team in order to fight off an alien threat, the reader knows that Harada is doing this out of fear. For once there is a threat bigger than him; a warrior of Dacia that humanity does not seem to understand. By reading X-O Manowar you will know why Aric is set in his ways but it is through reading Unity #1 that you will get an understanding of Harada and see him a little more vulnerable than usual, even turning to Gilad the Eternal for some advice on the Visigoth and their king.

This issue kicks off with Ninjak being sent in to infiltrate Aric’s Alien spacecraft. We are treated to some great dialogue as Ninjak explains his tech and how it works, all whilst giving us demonstrations on unsuspecting victims. Whilst he is busy distracting and hacking Aric and his Vine ship Harada puts his team into action. Harada has created (and is still busy creating more of them) a Psiot team that he believes is able to defeat Aric and the X-O armour, this team is about to come face to face with humanity’s greatest threat Aric himself.

Although Aric has no intention of causing anyone any harm, he is put to the test and this leads to some great action sequences. Some which end in jaw dropping creative violence! The art is stunning. Each frame is filled with detail. Characters facial expressions do not have to hide behind colouring. Their faces are drawn in such a way that not only are their feelings recognisable but it also adds a sense of realism to the book. Characters look as though they are real people, most of which are experiencing real pain! The colouring is spectacular as well, most of it being dark colours as to set the tone of the series. The only time we really see light colouring is when powers are on display, and these special abilities look amazing to say the least.

Unity #1 continues to show that Valiant is publishing some of the best books on the market. This is definitely living up to the hype that has been surrounding the title and it will surely receive a great following. Unity is the perfect blend of great story telling and illustration!

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