Storyline: C+

Artwork: A+

A few months back I reviewed the first issue of this series, it follows the story of a zombie infection that only affects men. The men become driven by their desires but ultimately their madness drives them towards longing for flesh. Ironically, the only person that could save humanity is a man, but right now he has problems of his own.


Ruben the protagonist is in charge of his own group of survivors but he has a weakness…his girlfriend Dinah. At the end of the first issue Dinah ran off and willing removed herself from the safety of the group. Ruben’s leadership is questioned as he makes the decision to go and find her; putting Dinah’s safety above the safety of anyone else. Ruben is a super soldier, resistant to the zombie threat and the reader has no idea as to what he is capable of doing at this stage.

The story also introduces another lead character; Jewel…the girlfriend on the Hellions. The bikers that planned on raiding the library that Ruben and his group live in. The issue shows her attempting to cope with the passing of her lover, whose heart was torn and consumed before her very eyes. She was crazy so now she has become deranged and dangerous.


The writing for most part of this book is entertaining…but it is not as strong as it was in the opening issue. There are a few great lines but they are too clichéd at times and the others lines are somewhat predictable. The strength of this book follows later when Ruben goes out to find his girl, the dialogue becomes better and the action makes everything worthwhile. The gore in this book is great as it works well with the story being told. The violence is extremely graphic so expect violence that is on par with Image’s The Walking Dead. The background colouring used in the frames is great as well, it is water-based; giving a nice look to each page as the action just flows from one frame to the other. The Creepers and people have some insane detail, creating a stunning visual read.

This issue felt like it was stalling, sort of like a filler issue that is tagging us along as we wait on the drama. Only problem with that is that nobody should feel a filler issue buying time. Sure it gives us more insight into Ruben and his abilities, but the scraps we are given from each character is not enough to keep us satisfied. Making this issue a good read but not a great one.


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