Under The Flesh #1

Storyline: B

Artwork: A+

A zombie like virus has taken over, however this virus is exclusive to males. It turns men into zombies that desire flesh in many sordid ways that have one common result… death.

Under the Flesh

Lt. Ruben Lobos, a Special Forces agent, undergoes special treatment and as a result he is prepared for the co-ordinated attack known as Desolation Day. The very day that gave rise to these monsters of men.

Yes, our protagonist is a super soldier and so far the only of his kind. The virus has not affected all men but it has given rise to many women needing a protector and this is exactly the situation that Ruben finds himself in. He is part of a group of survivors that are mostly women. This is where we learn that Ruben is not the last man on the planet. A group of bikers approach the library that Ruben and his followers group reside in. With a grave threat to the group knocking on their door how will our lead character react to the current situation? Will his new found nanites be put to the test?

Under the Flesh

The arrival of the bikers is great for the comic as it gives us an opportunity to meet each character. Ruben makes his way to each in order to warn them and it is here that you are formally introduced to the members if this group. Among them is Dinah, Ruben’s girlfriend that will either make or break the protagonist. Even though they have safety and sanctuary, it is Dinah’s actions that will force the group out of their comfort zone. Besides Ruben no other character is particularly outstanding at this stage, instead each survivor seems to be a little cliché.

The art on the other hand is fantastic! J.L. Giles captures everything perfectly, the characters emotions are pencilled with precision and action sequences just flow from frame to frame, even at times where the violence is turned right up. It is dark apocalyptic read so bright colours are few and far between, but the colouring really works well with the tone of this issue. Creating a read that deserves recognition.

Whilst the writing is not as strong as the art, Under the Flesh is still a great read that showcases some true talent, the conclusion of this issue creates an interesting situation for the next issue as well, proving that unexpected ending that may introduce a new dynamic to our group of survivors.

Under the Flesh

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