Storyline: C

Artwork: C

Trespasser is the story of a father and his daughter staying out in the woods with no other human contact for miles and miles. Their private world is disrupted when a strange visitor crash lands in the forest.


A man and his daughter survive yet another day with minimal food. He decides to go in search of more food with his feline companion, Belle. With not much luck, they come across a strange visitor stuck in a bear trap. But this is isn’t just any kind of visitor. It’s an alien creature.

The man decides to spare his life and care for his wound until he is able to continue his journey. Questions are being asked but everything is lost in translation as the alien creature only speaks his native tongue and this causes frustration between the two.

Suddenly the man begins to question his decisions on why they moved out of the city in the first place. Times have been very tough. His daughter, Maria, then wonders where the alien creature could have gone.

Sadly, the storyline and artwork are not much to talk about. Everything is quite simple. There is not much happening in the story or the art. Trespasser, unfortunately, isn’t very intriguing, even though it involves an alien creature. It’s a quiet story that draws out over its 22 pages.


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