Storyline: C-

Artwork: B

Tomorrowland is a four issue comic series based on one of the most famous electronic dance festivals in this day and age. This festival has hosted the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Avicci, David Guetta and more, but the comic is based on the duo of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike as they battle the forces of evil through sound!

Paul Jenkins is the talent writing this four issue run, whilst Stellar Labs provide the artwork and colouring. Paul Jenkins gives us a load of recap in this issue, which was great as it gives the reader an understanding of what this book is about. Tomorrowland is more than a music festival. It is a battle of good vs. evil, a battle that features an awesome soundtrack!

Each year a keeper is chosen. It is the keeper’s job to recharge the world’s creative battery via the festival known as Tomorrowland. The only problem is that this year siblings Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have been selected as keepers. The keeper’s face the threat of the nameless one, who seeks to fill the world with negative energy and destruction (so basically he is a super powered party pooper). Destruction and Creation are fighting the war for our creativity which is in dwindling supply. In this issue the nameless one attempts to bring Like Mike over to the dark side by filling Mike’s head with lies. Dimitri is left to fight some rather evil looking demon enemies. However, help is on its way, travelling through space and time to save Dimitri.

As a result of an extensive flashback, there is no real character development that takes place in this issue. With the characters it is a case of what you see is what you get. I doubt there will be any form of major character development. Instead, this looks like it is a story centred around the fun and experiences of Tomorrowland. It is difficult to tell how long Dimitri has been upholding his duties as a keeper and upholding them on his own. The story is gearing up for the next Tomorrowland bash, so it is possible that Like Mike has been gone for months.

The colouring is bright, vivid and amazing. It does not in any way steal from the detail. Instead, the pencilling and the colouring created a feeling of unity in the read, making you flow from page to page with ease! A world of colour is used in this issue, however, not much happens in terms of action. You do not get the mystical forces of creativity engaged in battle.

Tomorrowland #3 is a fun read that could have been better had it offered a little bit more character development and maybe avoided the whole brother versus brother cliché. The art is really great and splashes lively colour from page to page. You can just feel the presence of electro music thanks to the colours Stellar Labs has employed in this issue. You have pinks and purples in regular use, all adding to the tone, but it does not make this issue memorable by any means! In the end nothing much really happens and it leaves the reader wanting. You could see this cliff-hanger coming from a mile away!

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