Storyline: B

Artwork: A

Tomica Twim is an intergalactic space adventurer who loves the thrill that comes along with the gig. With the help of his Hashtag obsessed assistant, Tomica is about to enter the journey of a life-time. The only problem is that he just does not know it yet.

Tomica review

Tomica knows that he is being hunted, but he does not know why. His enemies have managed to force his very own uncle to hunt the nephew he adopted and raised as his own; Tomica lost his parents at a young age and was forced to survive on the streets until he was re-united with Professor Twim. But now Captain Kage has forced the Professor into doing his bidding, in the hopes that Tomica and Hash will retrieve the “Nexus Apparatus” or die trying!

Hash is a low level android that has been modified to do more than is required of her. Judging by her outfit it would seem that she was originally designed as a domestic working droid; but Tomica has taken the liberty to upgrade her software in order to create the perfect assistant. But all the hacks have left Hash buzzing… literally.

Tomica review

The art is great; Deon really has a talent when it comes to his black and white illustrations. The level of detail in majority of the pages is rather impressive. All this detail and not once does anything feel over bearing on the eye, in fact the images are easy to follow. The characters expressions are easy to follow and identify. Even though the characters are not human, this can be attributed to the level of detail put into the characters facial features. The cover has been coloured in and once again the art and colour choices look great, from the first glance Tomica gets its point across as you can see that this title is a Sci-Fi adventure that just oozes highly detailed drawings.

Tomica is essentially a web comic in which Deon posts up a new page each week, but this Web Comic will be collected and printed as a first issue in this series. With a unique size and low price tag, Tomica is going to hit the market and hit it hard. With the success of Gofu #1 and Gofu #2, you can expect Tomica to sell quickly. You can head to to pre-order your copy today!

Tomica review

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