Pages: 32

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

Gail Simone and Dark Horse have worked together to bring another female icon to the world of comics; Lara Croft experiences some survivor’s guilt in this opening issue.

This first issue picks up from where last year’s video game left off. Lara delves into the darkness of the supernatural in this issue. Her mind is still shattered due to the loss of her friends. When one calls her requesting her help, Lara does not think twice as she sets about finding her friend. Gail Simone shows the readers that she knows exactly how to keep readers engaged with her writing. You can feel Lara’s turmoil as the issue opens with Lara experiencing her survivor’s guilt in the form of a nightmare. But her fellow survivors are far from safe as they have become the targets of an unknown supernatural entity.

The penciling in this issue is clear and detailed when it comes to characters, when it comes to backgrounds… not so much. There are many frames that lack background detail and quite a few that even lack colour in the background. The penciling almost feels too sharp as well and this leads to the motions in action scenes feeling unnatural and Lara looking a bit robotic. Also Lara does not come across as attractive in this book, well at least not as attractive as the Lara readers are used to. Whilst bearing a resemblance to her re-designed character, accompanied by the light colouring of the book she looks rather youthful and her lack of curves just enhances this look even more.

It is great to see Lara reacting to the events of the past in such a human way, this level of emotion will certainly draw the reader in as they get to know Lara not just as a piece of eye candy but as a person, a person with emotions and survivor’s guilt. Issue 2 will definitely have some more tricks up its sleeve as this comic forms the prequel to the next Tomb Raider video game. This is a great opening issue and a must have for fans of the video game franchise.

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