Storyline: A

Artwork: B

What led the Utrom Empire to a little island in America? This issue reveals the plans of the master mind known as Krang and his motivation… survival.

Krang always planned for the worst, even if it meant that he would have to go behind his father’s back. Sick of being undermined by his father, Krang took it upon himself to create a contingency plan for his people. As the Empire fell to its very own creation, or should I rather say mutations, it was time for Krang to put his plan into action.

TMNT Utrom Empire #3 delves a little further into the Utrom’s obsession with ooze and it allows you to find out a little bit more as to how these inter-dimensional alien invaders ended up in America and why they are obsessed with the concept of global domination. The reader is then teleported to present day where Baxter is still obsessed with ending the Utrom once and for all. Angered by Fugitoid’s action, Baxter seeks to destroy the robot once and for all. But Fugitoid has an Ace of his own hidden up his sleeve, one that should see Stockman swallow his pride… if he values his life! Also in the present, Donnie has figured out the Utrom plan and knows that the world as they know it is at stake. His beliefs are then affirmed by the actions of Fugitoid. It would seem that Fugitoid is pulling so many strings and is at the center of all the commotion, but what is the reason behind these actions? It is simple… survival. The turtles may need to join forces with an enemy if they wish to survive as well.

The art is still much like the preceding issues, making use of thicker penciling and, although the Utrom are presented well, the turtles still look sketchy and out of proportion. Maybe that is to allude to the fact that at this moment they are not the main characters or focus point of the story; but it is still rather disappointing to see them presented in such a half-hearted fashion. Majority of this book is dark in colour as the tone is one of darkness and treachery. The only bright panels are used in illustrations that contain explosions and the heat of battle.

This issue is a great read with good dialogue. It is great to see all these different elements at play whilst learning even more about Krang, Fugitoid and both of their intentions. It would seem that they have more in common than they thought, but does Krang have enough to convert Fugitoid to the dark side? And will the Turtles be able to form a truce with their oldest enemy? We will have to wait and see!

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