Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Trust seems to be exactly what the Turtles need in a time that finds them going up against both the Krang and the henchman of the Shredder. When their plan to infiltrate the Krang’s oceanic fortress fails, The Turtles find themselves outnumbered, outgunned and on the endangered species list.


With trust issues flaring up for the worst, Raph finds himself rebelling against Leonardo’s commands. Being brash, bold and mostly arrogant; for most of this issue you will see Raphael flinging himself from one dangerous situation to another often causing complications to the strategies of his own team mates. Will they be able to get Raphael back under control in order to survive this offshore battle or will the turtles sink under the pressure.

This comic also offers another short story, a light- hearted humorous one in which Mikey believes that Casey Jones has been turned into a Racoon thanks to the effects of yet another spilled canister of mutagen. Mikey attempts to catch this Racoon so that it can be turned back into Casey thanks to Donnie’s Retro mutagen. But all is not as it seems, after all this story revolves around Michelangelo!

The art in both stories is great, it boasts some nice colouring and character illustrations, and the main story features a vast amount of characters from the TMNT universe. The turtles retain the look that we have become accustomed to seeing in this comic line. Colours are bright and lively; definitely grabbing the attention of readers both young and old. The only thing I found weird was the straps on their hands. It seemed as though each turtle’s straps just covered their fingers. And/or finger-tips. The second story on offer is much lighter hearted in tone. You get to see the turtles in an even more kiddy friendly look that is similar to their Nickelodeon TV show versions. The colours in this story are very bright to create a fun feel to the read; the characters also display a wealth of happy facial expressions.

It is a good read, following the typical format of this ongoing series. Definitely not a complex read for the seasoned TMNT fan. For that you should be reading the regular IDW ongoing. But this one gets the job done and leaves you with a smile…if you are following the TV series.


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