Storyline: B+

Artwork: A+

With Master Splinter in charge of the Foot Clan, all is not well as some of Shredder’s disciples refuse to follow under a new ruler in TMNT Ongoing.

While Alopex and Leonardo try to make the most out of the situation by training young recruits, others do not agree with this new alliance. Mikey has left the group to join the Mutanimals, whilst some Foot Clan members plot a Coup of their own.


Splinter is not the most popular leader in town and “The Street Phantoms” are about to make this known in this issue. Everything seems fine but there is a load of plots at play in the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle storyline and one of these plots culminates in a rather impressive action sequence as Splinter takes on some of the series’ stronger villains. Meanwhile across town, Casey Jones is dealing with some anger issue as he punishes any dodgy looking being in “his hood”. He has a lot on his mind and his aggressive actions show us that he is definitely toying with some emotions.

I just love Ken Garing’s art in this issue. It looks true to the classic TMNT style with its thick lines dark tones and dark shades. It looks gritty and lets the reader know that the time for fun and games is indeed over. The art style really gives this ongoing a new look and feel, as if the title is being relaunched. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming issues. The action sequences are simply beautiful.

This franchise is definitely getting a new look. With some of The Turtles missing and Factions wanting Splinter dead, nobody knows what to expect and this is making for some great reading.


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