Storyline: A+

Artwork: B+

What the heck just happened? You will be left in shock and awe as this issue leaves you emotional after the events that transpire. Without spoiling too much, the war is on the way and nobody is safe from being a casualty.


This is a well-written issue and it has to be as there is just so much happening at the same time, this is an action-packed issue that gives you a heart palpitation as you turn each and every page. The writing plays well to the action as it shows the good and the bad of the respective characters in the book. Sweat will drop from your forehead as you watch Donnie and Metal Head fight the tyrannous duo of Bebop and Rocksteady, whilst the rest of the brothers fight against the Krang at the Technodrome. But not all goes to plan leaving the turtles exposed to dangers that they never saw coming; resulting in one of the most intense cliff-hangers of all time; you will refuse to believe what you have witnessed for sure.

The art has changed up for this issue. The Turtles look more like their older selves as they are far bigger and more muscular. The events in this comic are of a serious nature so it is only right that the art changes in order to complement the tone of the book. We are dealing with seriously intense concepts and events here and the art captures that quite well. There are moments where the proportions of the characters change but these errors are minimal and do not take away from the great colouring and illustrations on display.

You are not ready for this issue. In fact, nobody is ready for this issue. Prepare for your stomach to turn and your heart to wrench as the war against the Technodrome concludes with the ultimate sacrifice.


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