TMNT Ongoing #42-Header
Pages: 45

Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

The attack on the Technodrome has commenced. Shredder and The Turtles attack the Krang head on. It’s unknown to Master Splinter that Shredder has become their ally. But all is not as it seems. The two characters show their true colours in this issue. And it is not red, orange, blue or purple.

TMNT Ongoing #42-01

This issue goes into detail about Donatello and Splinter’s plans to attack their enemies. Splinter has become obsessed on training his group of mutants with the sole purpose of crushing the Foot Clan and bringing their leader, the Shredder, to justice.

Meanwhile, Donatello has seen the greater threat, The Krang, and their desire for a new Utrom Empire. Using Shredder’s Ego, Donatello is able to get the Foot Clan on his side. He builds an army to take down the greatest threat The Turtles have ever faced. But as mentioned earlier, all is not as it seems, as The Turtles ditch Splinter’s plans moments before battle in an attempt to help Donatello. As Splinter prepares to attack an empty Foot Clan strong hold, The Turtles and Donatello prepare to take down the Technodrome. This is an exciting read with plenty of spoilers, egos, henchmen and weapons.

TMNT Ongoing #42-02

I love the art in this series; the character detail just gets better with each issue and there are some different looking characters on display in this issue. After all, the cast consists of mostly mutations and aliens. The colouring is great. It gives the story a more gritty tone and it allows you to feel that war is imminent and nobody is safe.

To go into further detail with this review will totally spoil this rather great issue. It casts characters in a different light and reveals major plot details. So, I suggest you grab this issue and enjoy it today. It will leave you wanting more… guaranteed!

TMNT Ongoing #42-03

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