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Pages: 45

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

From the get go, TMNT Ongoing #41 continues to impress the reader. The Krang need to be stopped as the General is close to ruling the Earth. The only problem is that very few people know it, even very few mutants know just how close he is. The Technodrome is almost fully functional, leaving Donatello on a mission to save our planet from an alien invasion.

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Donatello is the lead character of this issue and he has decided to break away from his brothers and focus on the Utrom threat. Whilst Master Splinter has his complete focus on bringing down the Foot Clan and its associates, Donatello has turned to an unlikely ally in… The Shredder. After negotiations with the Krang fell through, the Shredder came to see the true nature of the Krang. Donatello and Shredder seem to be the only two that see the danger in leaving this threat unchanged. Without his brothers and their allies at his side, he needs an army and Shredder has a clan the size of one! Another two characters that play a major role in this arc are Fugitoid and Baxter Stockman. They have the power to stop the Tecnodrome, but the question is; can Stockman be trusted?

TMNT Ongoing 41-01

The art in this issue is great as what you can come to expect from this popular ongoing title. The quality of the colouring and character design is spectacular, you get to see a wealth of characters in this issue as Shredder and Splinter introduce their team of mutants. The opening pages of this issue are action packed and flow great from panel to panel showcasing impeccable detail on human, mutant and alien alike. The amount of detail placed into the Krang General looks great. You can see he is not a generic Krang. The amount of effort placed into his design lets the reader know that he means business.

So far this ongoing title has managed to get better each week, often exceeding expectations of the reader. From the writing to the colouring, this is an enjoyable issue that will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next…and if Donatello will align himself with his Masters nemesis!

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