TMNT Ongoing #32 Review

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Storyline: A

Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Artwork: A+

Koya and the Foot Clan Assassins have found the turtles in their Northampton hideout. The retreat of reflection is over as the turtles have to pick up their weapons and fight for their lives.

This issue sees the conclusion of the Northampton arc. Up until this issue this arc has been about self-reflection, forgiveness and relationships between characters. However, this final arc shifts the tempo thanks to Koya and her team of assassins. #32 is fast paced and action packed, however the writing still keeps the theme of relationships within the issue. It is not all out action, elements of character and story development do exist. The nature of Alopex and her intentions are shown a little more in this issue. This arc has done well in allowing the reader to learn a little more about Alopex and her relationship with the foot and their leader. Waltz’s writing is excellent and the dialogue between characters is top notch. The combat sequence between Leonardo and Koya not only looks great but, thanks to the writing, they are made so much more enjoyable.

Campbell gives us some great art that just flows so naturally. His characters look soft, rounded and well proportioned. This creates a natural flow from panel to panel and allows one to truly enjoy the colouring and tempo of the action scenes. Campbell places so much detail into facial expressions and it comes across so well with each character. This issue offers illustration and colouring at its best, making this finale one that cannot be missed.

This issue shows the reader what a great read is all about. It has an important script that is accompanied by top class artwork. I am sure many thought that “City Fall” was as good as this title will ever get, but believe me you are wrong. The Northampton arc not only shows us that this series is more than an action comic, it also shows us that the future of this series is in good, if not great hands. This issue sets up for what is to follow whilst providing the perfect conclusion to the current arc. Go Ninja Go!

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