TMNT New Animated Adventures #14

Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

This issue offers two stories, with the majority of the issue being dedicated to Donatello and his infatuation with April. While Donnie puts together a little concoction to get April weak at the knees, Mikey is battling with problems of his own, more specifically his poor attention span.

IDW TMNT New Animated Adventures #14

These two stories feel as though they truly belong in the Nickelodeon TV show as it plays out just like an episode of the hit TV series. In the first story; Donatello creates a pheromone perfume that he is hoping will work on April, but when he puts his potion to the test he finds that his perfect formula has a bug…literally. Instead of attracting April, Donatello has managed to attract every bug in Manhattan! Things go from bad to worse when a Parasitic Wasp gets a bit of jungle fever. Having dealt with the Wasps in the TV series, our heroes hoped that they had squished every single one of them. So the re-emergence of this gigantic threat is not to be taken lightly.

The second story deals with Mikey and his lack of focus. Donnie and Leo point out the fact that Mikey’s lack of focus could affect the performance of their team. Michelangelo takes offensive at the fact that his brothers do not trust him and think so little of him. As he heads out to blow off some steam his lack of focus and attention gets him captured… easily… by Baxter Stockman. He is stuck in a machine that only he can break out of, but in order to break free he will need to focus and follow instructions… so it is going to be a task of note.

The writing is good offering one-liners as one would expect from the Nickelodeon title, the art is great, The Turtles look like their TV counterparts and are presented with great detail and colouring. The action moves well from page to page, making for a fun read filled with excitement thanks to its up tempo pace. The facial expressions are great and easy to follow allowing for even the youngest of readers to pick up what is happening with ease.

This is an enjoyable comic that serves its purpose well, so while you are waiting on the next episode of this successful TV series you may as well kill some time with a fun adventure or two.

IDW TMNT New Animated Adventures #14

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