Storyline: B

Artwork: A

Witness the origins of two of the most legendary villains in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Universe. Although they might not be the smartest villains, it is their lack of intellect accompanied by brute force that makes this duo a force to be reckoned with.

Bebop and Rocksteady are best of friends that have grown tired of being low-level street thugs. They are tired of the disrespect and the screw ups, which are mostly their fault. It has reached a point that no other gang wants to take them in. Tired of this low-level criminal lifestyle, the duo hears of a new gang known as The Foot Clan headed up by a leader named Shredder. A friend suggests that if they are looking for work they can tag along on the next job that he does for Shredder.

The Foot only looks for the strongest and it pits all their debutants into a brawl where those left standing will be inducted into the clan. Another prize for the winner is that he or she will be augmented into becoming a near invincible mutant. So the tag team makes sure that they team up to end on top of the recruit list.

These guys are really not the smartest criminals. They are tough as nails and brutal but very limited when it comes to mental intellect. The way in which Rocksteady selects his animal to be spliced with is quite hilarious! He wants to be spliced with dinosaur DNA and he sees a Rhinoceros or as he calls it a Rhinosaurus. So in his mind he is running around as a half man half dinosaur at the moment!

The reader gets to see just how indestructible these two have become. They are capable of taking punishment and dishing it out with no limit. Their transformation has allowed them to shrug off bullets and made them far stronger than they should be. A wise man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So if you ever wanted to see great power coming with great irresponsibility this is the perfect read for you!

The art really shows these two at their best. Although they are used for comedy relief, they no longer look like a joke. They look like a real threat this time round. The colouring used in this issue really lends to the story as well. The colours are bright when they need to be, especially in moments that include a bit of comedy relief. The comedy is backed up by some great facial expressions, but when it is time to throw down you will notice that the art gets darker, sharper and a lot more violent.

This origin story is a great read that will add some light to these characters during the “City Fall” story arc. Not only will the Turtles have to deal with most of the city’s gangs as Shredder attempts to become the ultimate criminal. They will also have to deal with these two new villains who are under the command of Karai, Shredder’s grandaughter and star pupil!

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