Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

IDW presents a collection of issues that tie in with the changes that led to the TMNT being what they are today. This is more than a comic, it is a historical journey, a journey where you will find out more about Mirage Studios and the creative genius behind these Pop culture icons.

At over 60 pages, this issue offers five great stories that show the progress of the sibling heroes, From their humble begins in Gobbledygook, this issue has it all. Telling you the story of Mirage Studios, that Laird and Eastman were drawing out of a shared room and that their studio was in actual fact…a mirage! The duo never expected that their wildest creation to become their most popular title! Following the black and white debut of the turtles, as seen in this issue, we head to a time where the franchise was licenced by Archie Comics, these are the turtles you grew up with as Archie Comics was inspired by the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show. This line of comic tackled real life issues such as caring about the environment, spirituality and the importance of family; offering life lessons in each adventure. This second story on offer in this issue is inspired by the TMNT’s time under Archie comics offering a story that feature the infamous duo of Bebop and Rocksteady.

Then we pay a little visit to a time where the band of brothers were published by Image Comics, offering a darker much more serious tale; the TMNT received a fresh look. In an effort to make each turtle look different, changes were taken to the next level! Raphael lost an eye, Donatello became a cyborg and Leonardo lost a hand! This issue brings them face-to-face with the villain that caused these changes…the art is far darker and the detail on each character is impressive, justifying the reason why this story is in the 30th Anniversary issue.

The fourth story sees the TMNT back under the ownership of Mirage Studios, Jim Lawson would go on to write and release new TMNT issues for almost ten years! This short story sees our heroes go up against the unknown…a warrior in the form of Ninja Girl as she attempts to showcase her new found skills to the Ninja Turtles. The fifth story is by far the most powerful story as IDW saves the best for last. Peter Laird bought Kevin Eastman’s shares and this led to the franchise being bought by Nickelodeon and this is how IDW ended up with the publishing rights and made the title what is today. With new origins forged from the rich 30 year history of the Ninja Turtles; IDW the official partner of Nickelodeon has made it their goal to make this title more popular than ever.

Not only do you get 5 great stories but the issue is filled with great cover and pin-up art; each artwork is unique in offering its own take on the heroes and villains that feature in the pages of the Ninja Turtles. This is definitely an issue that any turtle fan should have; it is the ninja scroll that contains the history of a cultural phenomenon!

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