Storyline: B

Artwork: B

In Time Warriors, you live to learn from your death.

How is this possible? Well, government tactical espionage has been taken to the next level as the military is now able to twist time and space in order to achieve the wanted outcomes of a mission. It is graduation day and our new recruits have to prove their worth by surviving, but all is not as simple as it seems. The hunter is a marksman like no other.


This issue introduces the concept and the team of youthful recruits as they attempt to prove their worth to the military. The only way is by dying for the first time. We get to meet each team member and the reader gains a little insight into the team members and how they behave. The team is diverse but one team member is known for a certain talent and she is given the order to kill at any time, at any place and in any order.

The art in this one is good. It is very different to the strong painting like art of Wynter, so this read gives you and entirely different feeling. The colouring of the illustrations on offer are great and they make use of various shades and tones from a wealth of colours. A gripe I did have, as I read through the issue, is the proportions. Character proportions seem to be inconsistent resulting in the same character looking rather different on each page. For a comic with a serious plot and premise, it is only right that the art complement the tone. So the lighter colours do not work as greatly when it comes to matching the illustrations to the tone of the comic.

New Worlds Comics gives us something new with a concept that involves time travel. It is difficult to take time travel and create something original. However, it is done with tact in this issue. Guy proves his worth as a writer. Get your copy on Comixology and find out a little more about this ambitious tale.


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