When Odin goes on a mysterious journey, he leaves Thor in charge of the empire. Thor soon discovers that being a leader is far more difficult than he could have estimated. In his father’s stead, he has to deal with a rebellion by the Frost Giants, dissent from his countrymen, as well as a winter that has gripped Asgard for the last couple of years. Most distressing of all is the depletion of their golden apples, the source of the Asgardians immortality. How will Thor deal with all these troubles, which have left him so incapacitated that he is unable to wield mjolnir itself?

Writer: Robert Rodi
Penciller: Simon Bianchi
Inks & Inkwash: Simon Bianchi & Andrea Silvestri
Colour: Simon Peruzzi

Thor for asgard

Rodi confesses in a spotlight segment of the book that he is more interested in Thor the Norse god than the Avenger. ‘Thor for Asgard’; imbibes wholly the mythological elements of the Thor narrative. It subverts the straight forward, comic book elements of the story and sees itself more as a political drama, not unlike the Norse and Greek myths of old. Thor as a character is explored and scrutinized from a totally different perspective, more leader than warrior and provides for new growth in the character.

The overall story itself works well as a political drama; the Shakespearean undertones are in line with Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation of the god of thunder. Despite these accolades the story fails to explain of make clear many plot lines. Why are the vassal regions in rebellion, why does Odin go on his journey? These vague elements bruise an otherwise enjoyable story. Bianchi’s artwork matches the otherworldly nature of the story and certain panels are exceptionally composed and framed and the colour work also looks amazing. Some panels are too simple in their line work and look odd next to the other more detailed panels but these are few and far in between.

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