Robert Kirkman the walking dead

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Following a killing spree, this issue shows our group of survivors as they prepare for the tough times that lay ahead whilst coming to terms with the deaths. There is a new Alpha in town and he has definitely left his mark.

The Walking Dead #145 is a slower issue. It attempts to focus on storytelling and we see the emotional toll that the events of issue #144 has taken on Rick and his team. Just when they thought their lives were heading in the right direction, they are tossed into despair and are left mourning the ones that they lost.

The art plays an important role in this issue, as the story is told by the facial expressions that the characters display. The art is crisp and easy to follow and this allows for a great read. You will get a chance to sympathise with the main character, as you see how death has affected the way in which they think and live. Will Rick be able to muster up the strength to go to war once again? Just when you thought the Governor was the biggest threat, along came Neegan. After the events of the “War” arc you thought there would be some peace for our heroes, but The Alpha and the Whisperers are a threat unlike any they have encountered before.

This is a great issue and it gives the reader a sense of what is going on the mind of our protagonists. Remember they are ordinary people, not super heroes. Rick and the gang are faced with realities such as fear, death, loneliness and survival. There is no happy ending as they have experienced immense losses; the type of losses that would drive a weaker character insane. This issue sets up for the road ahead and it does make the reader wonder as to whether our protagonists will survive or not.

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