The Superior Spiderman

Storyline: B+

Artwork: C+

It is still a bit weird to conceive of Doc Ock as Peter Parker/Spider-man but The Superior Spider-man #2 makes the concept more palatable. Octavius seems to have tempered himself slightly and tries to walk in Peter’s shoes more sincerely.

The Superior Spiderman 2

Number two deals mostly with Otto’s attempts to woo Mary Jane. Some might say why try to reconcile the two after Marvel when to great lengths to separate them? But it makes sense for this to be the case. Otto would naturally be attracted to Mary Jane and he would definitely try to make the relationship work where the real Peter couldn’t. The courtship process offers good humour and gives Slott a chance to focus more on the ghostly consciousness of Peter. His running commentary is funny and the juxtaposition of two wildly different individuals creates an interesting dynamic. Even so Peter’s constant jibes wear thin after a while; perhaps he should have been used more sparingly. Meanwhile the ideas that Otto conceives of to one up the original Spidey, namely his Spider-Bots are genuinely smart and give one serious cause for admitting that Ock is Superior.


Stegman’s art is great and is better developed than in issue one; there are fantastic backdrops and angles. Delgado’s colour job is just as great, soft and mid tone, matching Stegman’s fun but semi realistic style. Issue #2 is an enjoyable read and for those not familiar with the title this edition should convince them to dive right into it.


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