Squidder-02 review

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

An alien invasion has taken over our planet. The world as we know it has fallen to the Squid. The human race has been forced to take a back seat as their new rulers monitor their every movement, watching them through the eyes of Cuttlemen and the minions of the Squid. The situation seems dire but there is one man that will not go down without a fight… the man known as Squidder.

Squidder 2 review

Squidder is a member of a super-soldier programme. He has nanobots installed into his body, allowing him to heal quicker as he slays the Squid invaders. Seventy years have passed and we find the Squidder selling his skillset to anyone that can promise him a dangerous mission, one which may allow him to finally rest in peace. A local man asks him to retrieve a slave. Little does our anti-hero know that this slave is closely affiliated with the Squid Overlord and his higher ups. Although he despises the parcel, he has to retrieve and deliver alive. He soon finds out that his enemy may in fact be his greatest ally. Not all is as it seems in this post-apocalyptic nightmare of a world.

The art in this issue is stunning. It is filled with detailed penciling that creates jarring images – images that will creep and crawl into the crevices of your mind. Although the penciling is extrememly busy and high in detail, you never lose track of the story as it is not distracting at all. The Squid Overlord looks unnerving and these types of imagery create a rather graphic and gritty experience. The world is lost and Templesmith makes this pretty clear. The colours used are shades of red, orange and green; these green and blue colours are used to show just how empty the world has become, red and orange colours are only used in the heat of battle or in the splattering of blood.

This comic looks like a promising title to follow. This issue shows us that there is a lot more at play, that this story is far more complex than it sounds. We learn about the harsh realities of a Suid ruled world and one man’s desire to fight the good fight for mankind. Squidder is a great comic for mature readers as it is offering one of the most unique stories to date.

Squidder 2 review

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