Storyline: C

Artwork: C+

The Evil Within’s spin-off comic has entered its second chapter, but can it outdo the first? I hope so. I still have to wonder if the story really is based on something Shinji Mikami has done, or rather Konami’s Silent Hill series. It all seems to fit in with the latter. This isn’t a bad thing, but feels a little strange.


Our protagonists have finally reached the broken city, and within it discover two more human inhabitants – one of which comes with a bit of back story. This then leads them to find a building in the distance with its light on and the chance of survival. How do they get through to it? By entering an abandoned school. Yip, we’re exploring that trope.

The dialogue still feels clumsy and haphazard. To be honest it’s something you’ll read in a high schooler’s short story, or their own comic project. I know I’m being harsh, but for material linked to a big studio, like Bethesda, it should be held to a higher standard.

On the bright side the artwork has become marginally better. I say marginally in that the environments are starting to look better, but most of the characters seem have stepped out of a microwave over. It’s as if they’re made out of plasticine and thought, “Hey a quick detour through a face-melting food-cooker would be a good idea before we continue along our merry adventure”.

The Evil Within appears to be starting its own tradition, which I expect to continue in the next issue: Make it cheap. Make it fast. Hope to Hell someone buys it.


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