Storyline: A

Artwork: B

The Bunker #3 proves to be an emotional rollercoaster. Heidi gets the spotlight as she thinks back on to the days of her youth and how she may be able to free herself from the ghosts that have stolen from her personality and her past.

We find out just how The Bunker and the letters might be able to give Heidi a much needed release. It is not hard to see that Grady is infatuated with Heidi but she remains cold, not only to Grady but to all people and to all emotion. This story jumps into the past and the reader is treated to the memory of when Heidi and Grady met. Grady was new to the neighbourhood and looking for friends. Dressed as a Red Power Ranger, he managed to find the Pink Power Ranger of his dreams; Heidi. But whilst everything seemed ok, Heidi was dying on the inside, falling victim to a crime that no child should.

Once again we see chalk like art and textures on display in this issue, this technique works well, especially when it comes to the re-telling of memories. The Bunker #3 makes use of a large amount of purple, blue and violet colours of which most are dark. These colours tie in with the suffering and frustration that Heidi has lived with for so long. After Grady’s brave act, Heidi decides it is time that she shows her friends what bravery is and splashes of red hit the page for the first time in the issue.

The Bunker #3 is a great read. No, this issue is not action packed and over the top, but instead it is realistic and filled with the harsh reality that plagues the characters. It is a tough read that will lead the reader into immediately wanting to see what happens in issue four. This all ends on a cliff hanger of note.

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