Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

The Auteur is one hell of a ride that is definitely not one for the faint hearted. Comic stores make sure you put this comic on the top shelves as it would shatter youthful minds and taint their innocence forever.

Is this issue really that shocking? The simple answer is yes. It opens up with pages of boobies as our protagonist, if you can call him that, is choosing the perfect chest for his slasher film. In the last issue Nathan managed to hire an actual serial killer to play the lead slasher on set. The story opens quite light heartedly as Nathan attempts to get his female lead to show her full range of skill, if one could call it that. After she refuses to bare it all on camera, Nathan attempts to get a replacement. This leads to Nathan making a feable attempt to get his actress back on board and he comes up with the crazy notion that in order to get her comfortable he will film naked. This leads to a close up shot of his gear (and I am not talking about his camera equipment).

While it is shocking, it is also humorous. But within the next few pages your shock will multiply tenfold as you witness some of the most explicit violence in this series. His hiring of an actual serial killer works a little too well, leading to a situation that may be too difficult to resolve. And not even the biggest stash of drugs can take Nathan away from the reality of his current situation.

The art stays true to its first issue, it does not hold back. Callahan gets even more detailed and graphic with every issue making you wonder just what he can come up with next. How will he top the craziness of his previous issues? So many things are present in this issue and James has the difficult task of drawing them all. He manages to do a great job even when the material requires utterly ridiculous illustrations.

This book is not a comfortable read by any means and the scary part is that this is only the beginning. It is this issue that takes this comic in a new and even more grotesque direction. This is the type of comic you will either love or love to hate as it will definitely offend some, yet entertain others.

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