Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

The adventure continues as Supergirl wakes up to find herself being held captive by Rampage. Rampage knows more about Supergirl’s powers than we expect and Kara finds herself at the mercy of her most dangerous adversity yet.


This issue is the final clash between Supergirl and Rampage. Kara wakes up to find herself locked in a cell that she cannot break out of. This is when she meets Caren, the saner half of Rampage.

Yes, Rampage has a Jekyll and Hyde types complex. It is only when she gets angry that she loses control and turns into a powerhouse that is bent on destruction. Caren gets to tell her side of the story as we learn more about her origin, with the theme of sisterhood lurking in the background.

The art is great – as we have come to expect from this series. It is still bright and very family friendly. It holds the tone of the tv series quite well, even when Supergirl is faced with this dire situation. This is not really an action-packed issue. It places more focus on the writing. However, the art is still great and the facial expressions for the characters are easy to follow.


This week’s ten pages wraps up the battle between Supergirl and Rampage. This issue explores the characters a little bit more by showing us more of Supergirl’s thoughts and by showing us the motive behind Rampage and her actions. The ending does feel somewhat rushed. However, being limited to ten pages, this is rather inevitable.

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