Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

The Adventures of Supergirl jumps into action following the events of the previous issue. Rampage left Alex in a dire situation that can only be saved by Kara. A couple of bumps and bruises later and we get to explore the relationship between these siblings in Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 2: Sistery Mystery.


Chapter 2 deals with the relationships between two pairs of sisters, Kara and Alex. This issue shows us more of Kara’s human side as she appreciates her sister and her strength of character. Physically Kara is stronger but she is beginning to realise that there is more to being strong than brute strength and abilities. Then you have the reason for Rampage; she is determined to kill Alex Danvers as she holds Alex responsible for the death of her sister. So the battle between Supergirl and Rampage has gotten personal as they share a vested interest. Will Supergirl be able to stand up to a creature with greater physical strength than her or will this be the end of the Danvers sisters?


The art in this issue is still great, although it is less vibrant and colourful than the previous issue. This does a great job of letting us feel the danger of Rampage. Whilst searching for Rampage, things become dark and the reader immediately knows that this issue is going to be a serious one that could impact the future of the comic series. The illustrations are very detailed, yet easy to follow thanks to the detail in the facial expressions.

This second chapter is a good one, even though it does feel too short. As you get into the action the issue leaves you on a cliffhanger. This issue serves its purpose at highlighting the relationship between the two sisters but you can’t help but feel that there should have been more rampaging.


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