thether #2

Storyline: B-

Artwork: C-

Alina and Velang are back in Tether #2. The duo of female warriors are tossed into the arena once more as they face a beast known as the Maera. Meanwhile Zarran, the former Overseer, has attempted to escape again. Will he make it out a free man or will he fall victim to the emperor?

tether2 review

This issue is the follow up to a relatively good debut issue. Tether tells the tale of Alina; a natural warrior, who teams up with Velang in order to fight towards obtaining their freedom. This issue starts off with another character known as Zarran. He attempts to escape slavery at the hands of the opressors. He runs but it is only a matter of time before he is caught. This incident shows the reader that the Emperor is far from being the people’s champion. Instead, he punishes those who dare to go against him.

Meanwhile, the perverted Dr. Murrel is taking personal pleasure in making Alina suffer and become the test subject for his malpractices, before sending her and Velang to fight one of the arena’s most dangerous beasts, the vicious Maera. Dr. Cybin places a wager on the survival of the fittest and Alina and Velang head into battle. But will they return in one piece?

The art in this issue is not on par with the first issue, sadly. Alex Reis does a great job of the cover art and the fan art at the back, but Ruvel Abril does not do this issue any favors. The issue feels like something out of Isle’s other comic, Pale Dark, and the drawing style simply does not look as great in a comic that has both chase and action scenes. His art is more suited to the psychological sci-fi. There is a focus on the scientific side of things, however, it is not what makes this comic.

Tether is an action comic with, attractive lead characters. Reis understood this and it shows in the contributions Alex has made thus far. But the females in issue 2 are simply not attractive or detailed enough this time round. The proportions of the main characters are too inconsistent and the colour choices do not give off an authentic post-apocalyptic sci-fi feel.

A new artist will be on hand for the next issue and I am hoping that this will give the story a better feel. One that makes for an easier read to follow. The story is there, but the imagery simply does not complement the story well enough. Instead of a continuous flow, the story feels broken into pieces, leaving the reader confused as to what the major focus of this issue is.

tether2 comic review

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