Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

Tether is an all new Sci-Fi action title that is aimed at the mature reader. The Imperium is the last city on a barren planet. It is run by Emperor Trovaar. But this title focuses on the gladiators that are used as a means of entertainment for the masses, even when it costs them their lives.

The issue opens with a great gladiator like battle that introduces our female protagonists as they are pitted against an alien species referred to as Grunts. The warriors in this pit of death fight for rations and cannot dream of freedom. With an army of genetaclones at his side the Emperor can hide behind his golden mask as he attempts to prove that he is emotionless and motivated by his strong desire for power. Alina and Zarran aim to break free of captivity but things take a surprising turn when Alina becomes the major focus of a rather psychotic doctor. The writing is suggestive and made for the adult reader and the protagonists do a great job of backing up the fact that this is an adult title.

The art in this issue is good. The female body shape is drawn well and it really shows that these ladies are not here for beauty but that they are warriors amongst men. Both Alina and Zarran are in great shape and look like Amazons making their victories on the battlefield believable. The drawings have some great detail and the colouring shows the strong contrast between the barren land and the richness of Trovaar’s technology. When in the barren lands the colouring makes use of grey and brown and plainer backgrounds. When in the lab of a mad scientist and in the cities of the wealthy the colours become brighter and backgrounds receive some added detail. The proportions in the character designs remain consistent throughout the comic even in scenes that involve fast paced action.

What had been originally created as an animated series has managed to translate well unto the pages. Chuck Amadori has set the stage for a new Sci-Fi epic that looks to show just how important it is to be human. This is a good debut issue that does a great job of showing how self-published titles can be as good as, if not better than offerings in the mainstream comics. Tether is a fun Sci-Fi read that is filled with potential!

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