Pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 76156824901900311

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

From the cover art, the reader will start reminiscing on the days that the first T-800 became an ally to humanity. This is the issue where the story takes a turn and the title becomes understood. But this is not a simple regurgitation of an old story; the ally is still working for Skynet!

From the opening of this issue it embodies all that is terminator. We see a robot repairing itself after a bloodied battle that left him riddled with bullets and others… dead. Sticking to the formula that worked, this Terminator looks as though he too were a former bodybuilder; he is big, daunting and muscular. Farrow undergoes a new look, as she attempts to find out who kidnapped Dr. Fong as she needs to retrieve her bounty and find out just how the doctor got into this mess. If she was undergoing a make-over in the hopes of avoiding a meet up with the long hair immortal from issue one, her hopes get shattered and quickly.

It does not take long for these two to cross paths once again, leading to a rather impressive action sequence that spans over several pages. Farrow proves that she is indeed one of the best bounty hunters in the country as she goes toe to toe with the toughest fight she will ever be in. By the end of the tussle, although both lead characters have different looks, they know exactly who they are facing. From this they decide that in order to retrieve Elise Fong it may be in their best interests to work together alluding to the title of this arc… and this arrangement is indeed logical.

The art on offer here is great. Once again it is a dark read. Do not expect bright friendly colours lurking in the background of this title. Jamal Igle does a great job on the detail and flow of character movements especially in the action sequences; the proportions remain true and do not falter throughout the issue.

This is a great action packed issue that is the crucial turning point of the arc. If you are following this series, this issue is a must have as it places the story into context. While the story opens up slowly with the lead characters mostly just preparing for the next battle, it ends off with a great action sequence that is easy to follow even though it feels you can feel their adrenaline rushing.

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