Storyline: C

Artwork: B+

Dark Horse kicks off a new Terminator title this week. In a world without Kyle Reese how could humanity stop that which they do not understand?

Dr. Elise Fong finds herself in the crosshairs of a T-800, technology that humanity cannot even comprehend at this stage as this story is set around the same time as the first Terminator movie. The reader and the characters are unaware as to what the T-800 wants with her or why he wants to terminate Dr Fong. Unknowingly, she is also the target of Farrow Greene, a disgrace former CIA agent that has turned to a life of bounty hunting to make ends meet. Things get interesting when Farrow comes face to face with a T-800.

They cross paths in pursuit of Dr. Fong. Farrow is not one to back down from a fight, she is tough as nails but her rival will not stay down even after being hit with everything and the kitchen sink. Something is not right and there is nobody to tell them what Skynet is. Whilst this issue is intriguing, it is still lacking something totally new, it lacks the breathe of a fresh concept. Instead, we are left with another Terminator trying to complete a mission. There is no reason why Dr. Fong is a target for this T800 and no explanation as to why Farrow is hunting her down too. This makes for the only intrigue in this issue.

With Jamal Igle on art, the expressions are legible and easy to follow. There is no overt use in detail and shading, making this issue an easy read. Your eyes float from frame to frame adding pace to the comic where necessary. Nothing too pretty or two glitzy is on show in these illustrations. Instead, they match the nature and tone of the Terminator Universe.

This is a good read, but it showcases nothing that we have not come to expect of the Terminator franchise. T-800s chasing unknowledgeable victims go hand in hand with this book. It just happens that the athletically built and ripped Farrow Greene is closing in on the same target. When it comes to throwing down, Farrow does not lose. But this could be the one bounty that gets away, especially when you have to fight one of Skynet’s soldiers.

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