Storyline: C

Artwork: B+

This successful franchise continues with yet another action packed adventure, this time filled with Kraang.

The Kraang seem to have a new lab in operation and it is up to The Turtles to use their Ninjutsu to stay in the shadows and use stealth in order to retrieve more information about this new Kraang lab. After promising Splinter not to engage in combat on this mission, turn the page and “Booyakasha!” they immediately disregard their sensei’s commands and head straight into battle.

It does not take long for The Turtles to find the experiment that the Kraang hopes to hide from them. A few fight scenes and some hilarious jokes later Donnie comes face to face with this seemingly unidentifiable experiment. While Mikey is left thinking that it is a Kraang coffee maker or an evil boom box, Donnie has come to the conclusion that this object of interest could in fact be a type of bomb. His only concern is what type of bomb it could be. Unknown to our heroes is the fact that the Kraang wanted them to get hold of this experiment. It is far from being a bomb, instead it’s a tool of destruction, and one they hope will eliminate The Turtles from the inside out. To make things worse the threat is on board the Shellraiser as our protagonists try to drive home to the sewers.

The art is good and once again blends a resemblance to the television series, as this comic is in fact a product of that show. Lots of bright colours are used throughout the comic, creating the perfect recipe for grabbing the thoughts and attention of the younger reader. But make no mistake about it, much like the comic, adult readers will find this read an enjoyable one that is fleeting enough to assist you in passing some time. The amount of detailing is great, especially the pencilling on The Turtles. So this issue is visually appealing even though the story is fleeting and rather unmemorable.

As usual Mikey is a saving grace to this line of comics. His humour and one-liners are on point and he really manages to garner a chuckle out of any read. Whilst The Turtles are left battling a rather disappointing breed of new villain you cannot help but feel that this is a filler issue. This makes for a nice read to pass time but it is far from brilliant.

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