Storyline: B

Artwork: A+

This is not the Nickolodeon turtles! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #27 gives you a bit of that old Turtle flavour with dark imagery accompanied by ninja mysticism and fly kicks!

Mikey, Donnie and Raph are still trying to locate their missing brother Leo. The band of brothers seem to be a little lost without their fearless leader. Michelangelo has taken it upon himself to go undercover as a pizza delivering costumed mascot, in the hopes of delivering pizza to a criminal that knows where Leonardo is and his hard work has actually paid off.

Donnie and Raph are looking at ways to improve their game now that there leader is gone and this leads to Donatello inventing a brand new and rather impressive weapon. Whilst this is taking place, the underworld is about to go through a bit of a restructure as Shredder calls a meeting, one that will change crime forever. The Foot wants it all and should any friend or foe deny them… well, you can imagine what a man known as Shredder does best. He also has his second in command at his side… Leonardo!

A lot seems to be happening in the IDW TMNT universe at the moment and this story features a host of characters. I know people had been expecting to see ninja vs. gangsters in previous issues, as they fight for control over this city, but Shredder has a plan that best be followed and it would seem as though the Purple Dragons, the Savates and every other criminal knows what is good for them. This leads to the opening of an epic battle of heroes vs. villains. The turtles team up with every possible ally in order to stop Shredder and find Leonardo, but they are in for a surprise!

The art is stunning. Santolouco’s pencils capture the energy and detail of every scene, culminating in a unique style. His representation of the Ninja Turtles gives off the feeling that strong attention was paid to each and every detail. His facial expressions are impressive and easily recognisable. Each Ninja Turtle is easily distinguished from the other, even if all donned red masks you would recognise who is who. Each turtle has a different has a different physical build and they do not move the same either. Their faces are also different in subtle ways, ensuring that they all look related but not identical.

This is a great issue, one that gets back to what this series was all about – fight scenes, ninjutsu and pizza! This book introduces the reader to a new chapter in the lives of our favourite turtles, as they come face to face with their biggest threat thus far. Expect tonnes of cameos and the re-introduction of the infamous, villainous tag team know as Bebop and Rock Steady!

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