Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Tech Jacket makes its return to comic store shelves worldwide as Zach tells his story for a new generation of readers. Image jumps on to theme of Galactic Guardians with this one and introduces a teen hero that has been saving the universe for years in return for a little cash. Zach and his father protect the Earth at all costs but there is a new enemy in the galaxy and it is making its way to Earth, an enemy unlike any other Zach has faced.

tech jacket review

The comic opens with a flash back that shows a young Zach as he tells his dad that he wants a telescope in order to learn more about the life out there in space. Little did he know that his request would be met. An alien technology known as the Tech Jacket has fused itself with Zach and now he has to wear the Tech Jacket until death. Zach is a bold character; he fears nothing and is focused on his mission. This title is for a teen reader as our youthful hero tries to balance his relationship with his work life. The action scenes are fast paced and easy to follow thanks to some great art.

tech jacket review

This title makes use of some great colours and illustrations. Characters look like they have a slight anime influence and this gives the title a great mecha feel. The art is dark where and when it needs to be, but it is far from being a gritty read. The action scenes are drawn well so the pace flows from page to page with ease.

With so much happening in the background, it looks like the robot vs alien action is about to heat up as our protagonist might have to face an enemy with armour much like his own. Will Zach carve his own niche in this genre? will Tech Jacket survive its new run at Image Comics? Only time will tell, but from this issue it is clear to see that there is potential in this title. A good story coupled with good art makes for a read that you will enjoy even if it is not complex at this stage.

tech jacket review

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