Storyline: C

Artwork: B

Following his plane crashing into the ocean, a young Superman is welcomed aboard a yacht where they are having a huge birthday party in his honour. The only problem is that they have mistaken him for someone else; a billionaire dollar playboy, Bruce Wayne!


Superman: American Alien is re-telling the story of Clark Kent as he works towards becoming Superman. We are actually reading about Clark Kent (not Superman), who showcases his good heart and sense of justice through the trials and tribulations of his young post High School life.

To be honest, this issue feels similar to the new Archie comics. Superman: American Alien #3 is not as good as the previous two issues, as they dealt with pivotal moments in Clark’s life — like learning to fly and the entire Smallville community finding out that Clark is not of this planet. Then you get this issue on a party yacht with a wishy-washy attempt at self-discovery that is washed out with psychedelic colouring. It may be a heck of a bash, but this comic is definitely not everyone’s vibe. Clark getting laid is about the only eventful thing that happens. The only consolation is the appearance of Deathstroke, who has been hired by Falcone. Falcone wants Bruce dead but Deathstroke soon finds out that this Bruce Wayne is no ordinary human.

The art is good. It is very brightly coloured throughout the majority of the book. Everything feels lighthearted. The psychedelic luminous colours are also not limited to the party situation. They appear on some of the other pages as well. It’s like fifty shades of magenta. The character presentation is good and expressions are easy to read and understand, but this issue simply feels like it was a “filler” issue in the 7 issue arc.

Is this comic entertaining? Not really. It is more of a read to pass the time, especially if you are not a fan of the character. Nothing really happens here besides Superman meeting a girl that he likes and their fling on a yacht. Other than that, there is no real character growth. I expected a lot more from Superman: American Alien #3.


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