Main Characters:

Storyline: D+

Artwork: C+

Superman saves a Russian sub, a blogger approaches Lois claiming he knows Superman’s secret identity and a villain named Anguish robs a bank but Superman cannot get his hands on her.

superman-09 cover

Art: Dan Jurgens & Jesús Merino
Colour: Tanya & Richard Horie
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Rod Reis

Like most of the previous Superman releases within the New 52, this issue serves up another lacklustre story. The plots featuring the sub, blogger and Anguish are satisfactory but not deserving of the Superman title. Hopefully these weak narrative blurbs in the current series can coalesce into a meaningful and solid whole. How I wish that Superman’s inner monologues could reflect a more complex and nuanced persona, what we have now is far too prosaic and staid. His inner monologues are tied to the overall story and hopefully it will improve once the story does.

Jurgens does most of the pencil work with Merino doing some finishes. The art is good but the faces of characters do change from page to page. Not drastically but at times they are well polished and on the next page a little less refined. In conclusion we can say that Superman started promising but at this point in the series he has lost his footing.

superman issue 9

superman #9

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