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Artwork: B

Marvel has done away with Avenging Spider-Man by the looks of things and it now welcomes a different take on the team-up series, welcoming Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1.


You should know by now that Peter Parker no longer exists (or so it seems) and that Dr. Octopus has in fact played the ultimate mind game. Switching his mind into Spider-Man’s body, leaving him with the desire to be a better superhero than Peter ever was, The Superior Spider-Man . This issue starts off with Spider-Man smacking up all of New York’s favourite superheroes. It seems that no one is safe from his wrath and that Spider-Man has lost control. His former colleagues begin to notice that something has changed, that Spider-Man has become more violent and this is eventually brought to the attention of Marvel’s ultimate team-up, The Avengers.

This leads to a show down in which Spider-Man reveals that all is not as it seems in New York, that there is something lurking in the shadows, an invisible threat that only he knows of. This is the perfect setup for the reader as the team-up is also not as it seems. This allows for a non-cliché (I wouldn’t say unpredictable) superior ending.


The art starts off quite promising, as David Lopez manages to capture you New York superheroes quite well. The likes of the Heroes for Hire and Daredevil to name a few, are given a nice gritty, menacing look and feel that really ties into the seeming nature of this new Spider-Man. It is once Spider-Man meets the Avengers that the art seems to take a noticeable dip. The tone changes to a more colourful look, which conflicts with the opening of this issue. Power house characters Thor and Hyperion look boyish, rather than the powerful macho warriors that they are. Lopez is also unable to nail the richness of Iron Man’s Gold and Red armour, leaving Iron Man looking rather dull, unlike his usual character. The Hulk’s armoured suit is also a bit unnecessary and it gives Lopez the opportunity to skip drawing the intricate details of The Hulks muscle structure.

Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1 makes for a fun read especially as you see some of your favourites throw it down with this rebellious Spider-Man. The next issue seems promising as Yost draws one of his very successful characters into the team-up mix, whilst opening possibilities of Spider-Man creating a team of his very own.

Thanks to Readers Den for supplying us with this issue!


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