Storyline: A+

Artwork: B+

Suicide 5 takes a rather sensitive subject and attempts to make it infamous through the use of a young cast of suicide loving individuals. As the group watches a video of Glenn committing suicide at a Frat party the remaining 5 friends decide that they will follow suit and get someone to rate the suicides that they will perform. And so the story begins.

After drawing straws the group members know the order in which they have to “off” themselves. It is decided that Mason has to score the deaths, against his will! This book is definitely not one for the kids as its hundred pages feature just about everything a mature reader should only witness. Nudity, Sex and hyper violence are all presented in this book, but all these elements come together to create a great story as we witness just how the death of a friend can affect others. As the members of the Suicide 5 take the plunge, friendships and motives are questioned. This book aims to shock readers into following a great story and it works. The script is excellent and reads as though you are watching a thriller. Whilst everything may seem straight forward, there are lots of twists and turns that culminate into a climatic conclusion.

The art in this book is on par as well. It is nothing spectacular, but this is not the focus. The focus is on each character and their emotions. It gives off a pulp feel thanks to the textures in the illustrations, as well as the colours being used in the background. Did they get the fame they wanted so desperately? That can be questioned, but what can’t be question is the sheer level of detail put into each and every page. The creative suicides are presented well even though it will leave many a stomach churning.

Suicide 5 shows us just how desensitized we have become and how death has become a form of entertainment for some, whilst it is a twisted reality for others. It shows just how selfish people can be and how the search for popularity and social media fame seems to have clouded logic and understanding. This book has a great story to tell, one that allows for many different interpretations. Be sure to read it and avoid shooting yourself… in the foot!

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