Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Stray #2 has hit our local shelves and it is time for us to find out a little bit more about the lead character. Delsante and Izaakse give us a well written and great looking second issue.


Rodney has to bury his father, a hero that fought for those who could not fight for themselves. He has no idea who the killer could be and neither does Detective Brooks, but the killer is out there and Rodney could be next. Rodney gets paid a visit by all of his former team mates, the heroes of their city that are clearly archetypes of some other rather popular heroes.

The cast really adds to the issue as it makes you feel the gritty nature of the lead character so much more. The other heroes look brighter and more upbeat meanwhile Rodney looks more tortured, he is an individual that has seen the harsher side of reality. Filled with a need for vengeance Rodney heads below his father’s mansion; into what used to be the headquarters of the Doberman. He decides to take back what was lost starting with his father’s car; then he will avenge the man that taught him everything that he knows. He will have to become a new symbol, one that will strike fear into the hearts of any foe. He is no longer The Rottweiler. He is The Stray.


Like the first issue the art in this one looks great. This level of illustration and colouring is remarkable. Cambell works so well with Izaakse’s images. He creates a story that looks just as impressive as its writing. Once again you get to see Rodney at different times in his life allowing the reader to experience a flurry of great action sequences. Readers can see just what Rodney is capable of both then and now.

This is another great issue. We see a character develop so much from the first issue where he seemed like a disgruntled brat. It is great to see a hero look so human while he is evolving into the hero that he needs to be. This adds a sense of realism to this well written and believable story. And the cliff-hanger of a conclusion will leave readers lapping for more of Stray!


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