Storyline: B

Artwork: A

A few months ago I reviewed the first issue of Starburn, an intergalactic action adventure comic that centres around the crew of the most advanced spaceship in the universe. The new issue opens up with the crew retrieving the package from a planet that is filled with unseen threats. Can the talents upon the Starburn pull of this high-risk mission and make some money?


Each member shows how they contribute to the team once again as the ship is stranded on a foreign planet. Whilst the Captain remains on his ship to find out more about the pickup they received at the dead drop, the least alien looking crew members are sent to find a way off of the planet. Thanks to some next generation technology, they are able to blend in with the locals but all does not go according to plan. It leads to some rather “interesting” developments as Saskia proves that her strength is not her only valuable asset to the team.

Brian Bolondo brings his best once again. He presents each life form in a unique way. The characters in this book receive some great detail as they are brought to life with some fine pencilling and great colour choices. You can feel the dry, arid nature of the sandy planet that our protagonists are stranded on yet the clever mix of background colours still manages to give this issue that intergalactic feeling. So Starburn issue 2 is definitely boasting some great illustrations!

The writing is great and easy to follow, although the concluding pages will definitely leave the reader dazed and confused as they might find the events that unfold in this second issue to be rather unbelievable. After all, it is the second issue so who would expect a drastic development this soon right? Well, Kelly Bender is not your traditional comic writer and his talents come to the fore in this issue. He gives us the unexpected and manages to leave us wanting more.

Starburn #2 is a great follow-up to a rather impressive comic debut. It manages to keep the Space Adventure theme going as this issue jets off into a territory that nobody saw coming, at least not this soon. In Starburn #2 the characters are relatable, the art is colourful and the story is unpredictable. Grab your copy this week on new comics Wednesday!


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