Starburn #1 Review

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A+

Starburn is an intergalactic action adventure written by Kelly Bender and backed up by some great visuals, thanks to Brian Bolondo. This comic follows the daily lives of the crew aboard the Starburn, the fastest and most agile spaceship in existence! Led by Captain Aphi, this crew of alien looking anti-heros are the best couriers in the universe and will do any job for the right price.

Starburn Review

This comic opens with the crew being asked to retrieve a package and remove it from its planet’s surface… quickly. Very little is known about this package, it seems to be shrouded in mystery and the crew does not like it one bit – but the money is right! Everything seems to be going just fine until they discover that the package is actually a person…a fugitive running from the indigenous people of O’zeni. With an entire planet against them, will the crew of the Starburn live to spend another day or will this be the job where they pay with their lives?

The illustrations are stellar in this one. Bolondo gives us a great cast of characters with each one looking great and really bringing some added flair to the pages. The colour choices are great, the shades of purple and blue gives the art that intergalactic feel and so does the wealth of yellow colouring. The characters are very detailed and their facial expressions are easy to follow despite some of them looking rather extra-terrestrial. There are no cutting corners with this issue; the backgrounds are highly detailed and so are the enemies that the crew are forced to face in a fight to the death.

This book could not have had more perfect timing. With the Box Office success of Marvel’s most intergalactic franchise it is good to see someone else telling a good story that reads as though it were a script for a movie or series. This is definitely a book worth the read even though it serves mostly as an introduction issue that aims to introduce a very colourful bunch of characters. The Starburn launches at exactly the right time, when the world desires space adventure the most!

Starburn Review

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