Storyline: B

Artwork: A

This story revolves around Ania Solo, a descendant of Han Solo, living a life on the edges of society much like Han himself, before he married into royalty. When she discovers a damaged communication droid concealing a deadly secret, Ania is caught up in an epic battle to save her life.

A 138 years after events in The New Hope, the One Sith have been defeated and the few that survive have been scattered throughout the universe. The galaxy is now governed by the Triumvirate, a collection of governments working together to maintain prosperity and peace. A Sith warrior, posing as an imperial knight, manages to infiltrate a Triumvirate communications project. However once the battered communication droid falls into the hands of Ania Solo, the Sith is threatened with exposure.

It’s a fantastic, fresh new take on the Star Wars Universe that, although is reminiscent of its origins, mixes it up in a way that will appeal to Star Wars fans.

Although I really enjoyed the writing by Bechko and Hardman, the artwork takes the prize. It is some of my all-time favourite graphics from the comic book world of Star Wars. Gabriel Hardman does a really great job with the illustration, complimented by the colour work of Rachel Rosenberg. It was incredible to see real, gritty comic book artwork as opposed to some of the glossy, lifeless fluff that comic book franchises often employ. I often think, publishers believe fans will buy a product simply because of the brand and so they churn out sub-par work like factory drones.

Star Wars: Legacy, however, has the feel of artistry and craftsmanship so often missing. I would recommend this one for casual fans and Legacy fans alike.

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