Storyline: C

Artwork: B

I belong to a group of girl geeks and many of us have fond childhood memories of the Ewoks. Not only did they appear in the original Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi but they also had their own movie, as well as an animated television spin-off. Here’s a little test: Do “Beetchawawa!” or”Yubnub! Yubnub!” hold any special meaning for you?

If you’re a fan of the weekend morning cartoon show, chances are, you will enjoy Ewoks – Shadows of Endor. It seems Dark Horse is increasingly exploring it’s appeal to the kid demographic ( check out ‘Itty Bitty HellBoy,’ so adorable!) As the third largest comic book publisher in the USA, this makes good business sense. Bearing this in mind, although Ewoks – Shadows of Endor may be a little too ‘cutesy’ for the older graphic novel fan, this title will find it’s niche with its intended younger audience and Ewok lovers of all ages.

The story takes place in a time period just before Return of the Jedi on the Ewok homeworld of Endor. The Empire, along with its Stormtroopers, have arrived on the planet and enslaved the Ewoks arch-rivals, the Duloks. They are using this slave labour force to construct their Deflector shield generator in the forests of Endor. It’s up to a Wicket (remember Wicket!) and a brave troop of young Ewoks to confront this new enemy and rescue the captives. Along the way, they also encounter a devious witch and a heinous monster of legend.

This is a fast-paced adventure tale, with a solid story-line and artwork by Zack Giallongo, colour done by Braden Lamb. Although cute, it’s not all sugar-sweet. There are some some scary moments and graphic violence in here that I know my son will thoroughly enjoy!

Star Wars fans, if you want to introduce your young padawans to the world of Ewoks, this might just be what you’re looking for. If at the same time, you teach them to stomp around the living room, shaking a spear and shouting “Beetchawawa!” and “Yubnub! Yubnub!” Well, that’s just parenting done right.

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