Storyline: B

Artwork: B

I’m a shameless trekkie and a rabid Cumberbatch fan – should I really be reviewing this comic book, Star Trek: Khan #1? Well yes, because comics and graphic art will always be my first love and I will try my very best to objective about this.

My suspicion is that this comic book series starring Khan came about not just as a merchandising exercise to rack in a little extra cash but also a means to answer a few questions brought up by the film, Star Trek – Into Darkness. Namely, how did Khan Noonien Singh, a swarthy swashbuckler of Indian descent (originally played by a mexican-latino) become a pale-faced British dude?

Now this is not unheard of in the movie/comic book industry or in a series reboot – things change.

Nick Fury anyone?

Star Trek fans are somewhat more conservative however and frankly, they needed answers: scientifically based if possible.

To begin with we’re presented with 3 alternate comic book covers. Personally I love the illustrated ‘comic book’ cover as opposed to the photo-realistic renditions. If I’m honest though, I think the covers are not really my favourite thing about this issue, they could have done with a little more work in my opinion.

The story itself starts out with the trial of Khan, set after the events that take place in Star Trek – Into Darkness. In fact we could almost imagine this as a ‘trial by fanboy’ where the main question is, “Who are you REALLY and if you say you are KHAN, why don’t you look like him!”

The remainder of the comic is the Khan ‘origin’ story. An orphan on the streets of an Indian metropolis, he and others are rounded up and used as genetic guinea pigs in a supposed ‘eugenics’ program (doesn’t eugenics involve selective breeding?) I’m not going to snark about the finer details however. This is an interesting/fast-paced storyline featuring a character EVERYONE wants to know more about. What’s not to love! It’s not flawless but then again, nothing is.

Mike Johnson, who is the writer and his creative crew (artists Claudia Balboni and David Messina) have been releasing some pretty impressive “Star Trek” comic books for a while now, revamping old episodes from the original TV show, but filtered through the lens of the new movie cast.

This series will be made up of six issues and I would be interested to see where this goes, there’s potential here. Star Trek: Khan has started strong but it remains to be seen where they go with it and if all the questions are answered to everyone’s satisfaction. This is a tight-rope walk to be sure, Johnson has his work cut out for him.

You see? I didn’t mention Cumberbatch once!

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  1. III

    “how did Khan Noonien Singh, a swarthy swashbuckler of Indian descent (originally played by a mexican-latino) become a pale-faced British dude?”

    They painted him up to have darker skin in TOS and he didn’t talk with an Indian accent. Also, in ST-II The Wrath of Khan, his skin color was pretty light.

    “Star Trek fans are somewhat more conservative”

    They seem to be a mix between conservatives, liberals, and socialist.

    “doesn’t eugenics involve selective breeding?”

    I guess it’s the writer’s attempt at trying to make him more appealing or relatable… but it doesn’t work, it makes no sense since that’s not how eugenics works… hell, Mass Effect was at least able to get that right… I guess Johnson was too lazy to even Google it…

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