All-Star Batman #2
Pages: 32

Storyline: B

Artwork: A

If Tom King’s Batman is a slow burner, Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman is a full-on warehouse explosion. Combining the fast-paced action of the Arkham games with Mad Max’s middle-of-nowhere scenery, All-Star Batman #2 continues Batman and Two-Face’s dark road trip with a new array of villains trying to slay the Bat.

All-Star Batman #2

All-Star Batman #2

The second part of ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is all about the action, with questions about Alfred’s involvement in Two-Face’s plan still up in the air. The assassins keep coming thick and fast, as the Dark Knight fights for his life and to get Two-Face to his destination outside of Gotham. Back at the Batcave, young Duke Thomas learns about Harvey Dent from Alfred, before deciding that Batman needs his help and heading out into the field. The biggest shock, however, is Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock finding out what lurks behind Wayne Manor’s non-functioning grandfather clock – or do they?

After so many years of seeing Snyder’s Batman being illustrated by Greg Capullo, there’s still unfamiliarity in seeing other artists’ interpretations of his work. That said, Danny Miki, John Romita, Jr., Declan Shalvey do a tremendous job of reinterpreting and modernising these characters for this series. Romita’s style is instantly recognisable and should please fans of his Daredevil: The Man Without Fear run, bringing back the old-school comic book feel.

All-Star Batman #2’s storyline moves slowly, giving preference to over-the-top fight scenes and the injection of multiple villains. Given Snyder has said he views All-Star Batman as his Long Halloween, it’s not hard to see why he chose this route since Jeph Loeb’s work also consisted of an ensemble cast. There’s more than enough time for the all the puzzle pieces to fit together in this story.

All-Star Batman #2

All-Star Batman #2

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