Pages: 352
ISBN: 9781409384083

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

The amazing web-slinger, aka Spider-man, recently turned a graceful fifty and to celebrate Spidey’s big birthday DK publishing have released a 352 page year-by-year visual chronicle tracing the evolution of the much-loved Stan Lee comic book character. From his very first appearance in 1962 (Amazing Fantasy #15) to his modern milestones, no stone is left unturned in this amazing guide, which is filled to the brim with art, facts, costume designs and storylines. In signature Dorling Kindersley style, packaged in an attractive hardcover slipcase, every question is explained and explored in a title that should tell you all you need to know, Spider-man Year By Year: A Visual Chronicle.

Spider-Man Year by Year a Visual Chronicle book review

Peter Parker and his alias, your friendly neighborhood Spider-man, have a long and captivating history in the comic book world, drawing in legions of fans of all ages from around the globe. Over the years the boy in red-and-blue has evolved and taken on many different shapes and forms (different costumes and even different characters). Matthew Manning (who has experience as a writer of comics for Marvel and DC) and Alan Coswill, the authors of Spider-man Year By Year A Visual Chronicle, take readers on a personal journey through Parker’s past. Both writers have a deep understanding of the material, taking a closer look at the development of the character in the hands of various writers and artists. There isn’t a more ideal way to learn about the web-slinger’s friends, allies and foes. It’s all here. And it’s visualized through spectacular illustrations, photographs and art by some of the comic book world’s most recognized talent, including John Romita Sr., Todd McFarlene, John Tyler Christopher and Mark Bagley.

Spider-Man Year by Year a Visual Chronicle review

After a cool forward by the creator legend himself, Mr. Stan Lee, Manning and Coswill continue onto the humble beginnings of our hero, highlighting a few of their personal favourites along the way. These include; The Night Gwen Stacy Died, The Origin of Spider-Man, Kraven’s Last Hunt, The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man, The Final Chapter, Mary Jane’s First Appearance (Amazing Spider-Man #42), The Death of Gwen Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #121), Empire State Spidey (Amazing Spider-Man #673), Spider-Man No More (Amazing Spider-Man #50), and Secret Origin (Amazing Fantasy #15).

DK publishing have a long history in creating insightful fun, detailed guides for geeky fans, and Spider-man Year By Year A Visual Chronicle is among the best of them. Like all their other works, the book is big enough to be used as a weapon, and is filled with everything a web-head would need to know about Spider-man. Whether you’re a noob or a die-hard fan boy this will make an ultimate gift this Christmas. In the words of Stan Lee: “Nuff Said.”

Spider-Man Year by Year a Visual Chronicle

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