Storyline: D-

Artwork: D

Tank Girl comes face to face with her biggest threat yet, her super powered polar opposite, Anti-Tank Girl. Was saving Booga’s life worth the creation of pure evil bent on ultimate destruction?


Our very own Tank-Girl is near dead and unconscious as Anti-Tank Girl is left attempting a Bane “Knightfall” backbreaker on her. It sounds exciting, but do not be fooled. Solid State Tank Girl just turns my stomach. The writing leaves nothing to the imagination. The dialogue is limited to foul mouthed banter – most of the humour revolves around juvenile sex jokes. The jokes are not clever, witty or even funny.

The art is just as juvenile. There must be a fan-base for this type of art. However, it truly does not deserve a following. Sure, it is a comedy action adventure but the art looks as though it were drawn by a youth, a fairly untalented one at that. Solid State Tank Girl is meant to be trippy, with the proportions shifting constantly, but the art is just below par. It makes the read too cartoony and far less appealing. Had this issue been drawn better maybe the issue could have been a little bit better and perhaps hidden the limitations of the dialogue. Instead, it feels as though you are reading a comic that a naughty teen was drawing during class. Even though the colouring is decent, nothing can save the art in this issue. It ends up looking as though some kid was able to keep his colours within the lines of his shifty drawings.


The story hints that there is a lurking premonition as Tank Girl shares the thoughts of her dreaming unconscious mind. However, this reveal does not even grab the reader’s attention. It is somewhat jokey and typical of the level of intellect used in this issue. Action scenes are few and rather lacklustre, focusing more on verbal jousting than actual jousting. But Solid State Tank Girl #3 sets up for what looks like a rather interesting encounter, provided that the writer stays away from clichés. A slight saving grace is the poem collection at the end of the issue. The poems are rather entertaining and do a great job of sneaking a little humour into the subject matter. A Tank Girl Poetry book may actually be more entertaining and thought out than Solid State Tank Girl #3.


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