Main Characters:

Storyline: B

Artwork: A-

Skyward is an Action Labs comic that features a young boy named Quinn as the lead character in a youthful, energetic comic. It is definitely not aimed at the mature reader but this does not mean that it does not make for an interesting read.

The story opens with a tranquil scene of a father and son fishing in a river in order to catch the evening’s meal. The imagery and tone works well and it shows just how much Quinn values his father Corin, a wise man, a great father and a seemingly passive character. But when his son is threatened we see that Corin is trained.

skyward 1 review

A figure from his past manages to find his way back into the lives of this peaceful family and with a name like Herod you cannot help but think that he is bad news. Herod allows the reader to gain a glimpse into Corin’s past and makes his history known. He is indeed powerful, more powerful and influential than his family knows. This creates a series of fairly predictable events that leads to Quinn being entrusted with a mysterious sword, that’s origin is not revealed, beginning the adventure that is Skyward.

Jeremy Dale’s drawings and Steve Downer’s colours work quite well together and create a youthful, energetic feel across each page. The colours are very bright and really allude to this being an adventure title for the younger reader. Dale’s attention to detail and work on facial expressions is really good as the reader is able to identify with the feelings of characters easily and almost all of the frames are highly detailed and full. But why must every villain always have rather silly drawn lackeys? Just as Scar had his Hyenas in the Lion King, Herod has his silly blue Gremlin lackeys riding on even sillier looking creature features. Herod on his own looks villainous enough. If anything, these lackeys make Herod seem less intimidating.


Skyward #1 is an introduction to a new series, dropping little hints here and there. Do not go into this issue expecting major character development. The focus here is on relationships, especially the one between a father and his son. The story gives off a true adventure feel and the mystery of the sword will definitely be the major focus of this adventure. Let’s see if anything original can come of it.


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